Education Towards Self Mastery


Wholistic Psychonomy

is the study of the Personality and the Soul. It provides techniques and direct experience designed to help release the emotional charge from memories stored in the brain and in the body and to revitalise your life.

The study of Wholistic Psychonomy engenders healthy attitudes that foster loving, peaceful, creative people who understand the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of all beings and things on this planet and in the universe.

Many careers are assisted by studying Wholistic Psychonomy. People from all walks of life find that they land promotions they never dreamed they would or start businesses when they have never seen themselves as capable of doing that. This course assists students to clarify their personal goals, and increase their self-knowledge.

Seven reasons to study Wholistic Psychonomy

  1. Clarify your goals and life direction
  2. Increase your understanding of yourself and others
  3. Learn skills to improve the management of your life and career
  4. Learn how to counsel yourself and others
  5. Learn wholistic therapeutic techniques you can apply personally and professionally
  6. Deepen your understanding of key areas of life such as relationships, money, addictions, birth and death
  7. Study a non-traditional approach to psychology that addresses all aspects of life including the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual

Words Of Praise

I had no intention of doing this Course. Then I decided to do the first two modules. Then I ended up doing the whole course. The further I went, the more I enjoyed myself and discovered about myself.
– Carol W, Forensic Scientist

After having also completed a Graduate Diploma of Social Science at University (Counselling), I have realised how little I had learnt. In this course, “Wholistic Psychonomy”, I have learnt so much more that I feel confident to begin seeing clients. Thanks for the tools for my toolbox.
– Anne C, Teacher

My personal growth has astounded me. In 12 months, my soul has urged me onwards and upwards even when my ego has struggled. I would never have got this far in 12 months without this wonderful course.
-Jo H, Nurse

What to Expect

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An opportunity to leave the past behind you. Step forward with focus, skill and joy to a bright new future…

This incredible 7 module course runs over 9 intensive weekends and focuses on all the major areas of life:

  • Communication/Counselling
  • Money
  • Birth/Life
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Loss/Death
  • Sex
  • Relationships

Includes the flexibility to do as Personal Development or Practitioner Training

How You Can Find Out More

Come along to one of our Free, no obligation course briefings to discover the many benefits of studying Wholistic Psychonomy. Our course brochure is also available for download

Time, Dates, Location

7.30pm – 8.30pm
Thu 3rd Mar 2016, Thu 17th Mar 2016, Tue 22nd Mar 2016
18 Charlton St, Bridgewater, SA 5155

NOTE: Our next course commences: 19th May 2016

Course Outline

Certificate In Wholistic Psychonomy

Module 1 – Empowerment

5 Steps to Take Command of Your Life

Module 2 – Living by Design

5 Steps to Designing Your Destiny

Module 3 – Emotional Mastery

5 Steps to Being in Charge of Your Emotions

Associate Diploma in Wholistic Psychonomy

Note: Completion of modules 1-3 are a prerequisite

Module 4 – Transformation & Healing

5 Steps to Transforming Crises into Opportunities. This is an opportunity to face deep-seated issues such as death and other forms of loss with equanimity as well as to truly understand and appreciate what success and failure mean to you.

Module 5 – Communicating for Success

7 Steps for Engaging in Courageous Conversations. This is a powerful module that will improve your communication skills and your ability to counsel and coach others.

This module does not require any previous study and can be completed as a stand-alone module.

Module 6 – Relationships & Sexuality

5 Steps to Establish Healthy, Vibrant Relationships with Self and Others. In this module we explore relationships and relating and how to create successful relationships for yourself, your family and for and with your clients.

Module 7 – Integration & Alignment

5 Steps to Awakening Spirit and Aligning with your Soul. This is a practical module where we explore our attitudes and beliefs about money and learn strategies to create more successful lives.

Student testimonials

Many students over the last 25 years have received major benefits from attending the Certificate & Associate Diploma in Wholistic Psychonomy. These testimonials provide a record of these benefits.

I liked the Wholistic perspective – that it wasn’t extreme or single-minded in any area – the group support and fun way of learning – it certainly was a different experience, but one I would thoroughly recommend as my personal growth has gone forward in leaps and bounds. I wouldn’t have been able to do that just by reading books.
– DH, University Lecturer

After having also completed a Graduate Diploma of Social Science at University (Counselling), I have realised how little I had learnt. In this course, “Wholistic Psychonomy”, I have learnt so much more that I feel confident to begin seeing clients. Thanks for the tools for my toolbox.
– AC, Teacher

After travelling for 82.5 hours, doing over 8250 kilometres, spending $700 in fuel, if I had the time and the money, I would do it all over again.
– IJ, Farmer

About The college

College logo 2016The College for Actualising Human Potential was established in 1993. Since that time, the College has sought to bridge the gap between traditional and non-traditional approaches to education. It is committed to an wholistic approach to education which encompasses the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

The College believes in the maxim “Know Thyself”. It is only by understanding ourselves and working through our own issues that we can then help others. We welcome you to this exciting inward journey to greater self-understanding and the corresponding inner peace and self-knowledge.

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