Ruby JohnsonHi I’m Ruby Johnson and I would love to take just a moment of your time to introduce myself. I’m originally from Cooroy in Queensland and spent most of my middle childhood in Mt Isa and at boarding school in Charters Towers. I now live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

My parents moved to Adelaide so that my sister and I could receive a good education. Life was treating me very well until my sisters was murdered when I was 13. This tragedy left its mark on all of us, albeit unconscious and largely ignored.

I went on to graduate secondary school at Marion High School and won a Commonwealth Scholarship to Adelaide University. Not long into University I had the the rug pulled out from under my feet- both my parents were killed… I became a bit of a wild child. I was in despair, hurting deep down and didn’t know how to heal myself. I barely studied, experienced depression, cut myself off from my feelings,etc., but miraculously managed to do very well academically, all things considered. I completed a Bachelor of Arts, an Honours Degree in Psychology a Diploma in Education and much later in my thirties a Bachelor of Education majoring in Drama.

In my twenties, I traveled extensively throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America for the sheer joy of travelling and at the same time I was responding to a deep call to find out who I really was and what I was here for. I married twice, had 2 gorgeous sons and was a teacher by trade.

Still doing life, putting on a brave face, seeking something, i booked a session with a Breathworker where i had a revelatory experience! In 6 weeks my whole life had changed… It is at this point that I recognised my passion- to help change people’s lives for the better, sooner… My passion and desire to learn has guided me on a personal journey for over 25 years.

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book-covers My books can help you achieve emotional and mental well being, cope with the effects of addiction and offer re-empowerment after rape.

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stressed-man If work is getting you down or you have lost your motivation to live the life you want, I can help you refocus and get your life back on track.