Here are the books written by Ruby….

Angels In Hell

Angels In HellMaking a difference has always been a passion for us and so this book is the result of that strong desire to assist others (and in the process ourselves) to become better people.

We do not think that we have all the answers, but somewhere in these pages we are sure that you will find answers for your own dilemma, your own situation, some of which we haven’t covered but will arise as a result of you reading this book.

We have two voices in this book—mine (Ruby) and mine (Leanne). We have deliberately left them as two distinct voices rather than blending them and attempting to make it sound like one person. It isn’t, and we aren’t, and we both want our voice to be heard—with one intention: To make it easier for others to come to terms with the horrific experience that rape is, no matter how dreadful (Leanne was left for dead), or fearful (Ruby was left in the middle of nowhere in Morocco).

We welcome you on our journey and speed you on yours as you read. May we grow ever more aware of the goodness that is already within us.

Wake Up And Breathe

Wake Up And BreatheDo not read this book unless you want your life to change

What does breathing have to do with it? As it turns out – just about everything, especially that first breath! Cutting edge concepts about life patterns that stimulate, intrigue and question long held beliefs about human behaviour, revealed.

Learn about what your birth means and how it relates not only to your family but to work, career, relationships and even money.

Your Drug Or Your Life

Your Drug Or Your LifeYou may think that all drugs are equal. They aren’t. Each drug attracts a certain type of user. Each one of us has a preferred drug. We are attracted to it because of our genetic, physical, emotional and mental make-up. Some of us are attracted to alcohol, others to marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and still others to nicotine and sugar.

Some people seem to be drug free yet their preferred “drug” is an activity like shopping, gambling, sex, relationships or food.

In this book, I look at:

  • some of the readily available drugs on the market, both legal and illegal
  • addictive substances and behaviours we use to get high
  • the effects drugs and certain activities have on the psyche, on
    how we think, feel and behave
  • what we can expect when we take drugs
  • what the side effects of drugs are
  • psychological reasons for taking drugs or engaging in certain activities
  • what we can do about dealing with our addictions
  • metaphysical reasons for being drug free
  • support organisations

Other avenues of assistance can be found advertised in the free tabloids found in all major cities. There are many different modalities of healing available today that are highly effective in dealing with addictions. Choose the ones that work for you.

Start Meditating

Meditation Join my on-line meditation course for weekly lessons and inspiration on staying relaxed. Suitable for total beginners and those already meditating.

Books By Ruby

book-covers My books can help you achieve emotional and mental well being, cope with the effects of addiction and offer re-empowerment after rape.

Life Getting You Down?

stressed-man If work is getting you down or you have lost your motivation to live the life you want, I can help you refocus and get your life back on track.