For over twenty-five years I’ve been helping Corporate Executives and Business Owners just like you.

It’s in my blood, it’s who I am.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a paychologist (although I could have been – just couldn’t bear the system) nor a “New Age” crystal gazer…

I’m not going to swing a pocket watch chain in your face to put you in some trance.

I’m an experienced coach who’s been to hell and back, both personally, and professionally with many different clients over the years. I’ve worked with everyone including an Outlaw Motor Bike Gang President, Drug Addicts and Prostitutes, Lawyers and Accountants, Doctors and Nurses etc.

Why Should You Care?

I’m passionate about GETTING RESULTS.

I help people cut through the clutter and garbage that they collect over time…

I’m focused on helping my clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Driven by a passion to help people get on with their lives… Without having to constantly battle with Mental Issues that arise from the garbage of yesteryear…

[Testimonies given here are from real people who don’t want their identities revealed. I practise the strictest confidentiality for my clients. If you’re concerned about their authenticity I’m more than happy to discuss with you privately]

“Before working with Ruby I was feeling at a loss in my relationship, feeling unheard, upset and powerless. Ruby has given me entirely new grounds for my relationship. Not only have I been given practical tools to assist me with my own communication and way of being, but Ruby has allowed me to see more of who I really am and embrace that in all areas of my life”

A.M. Funeral Assistant, Adelaide

“Before I met Ruby Johnson my work and life was overwhelming and stressful. After being coached by Ruby I no longer need antidepressants. I’m calm, have peace in my heart pursuing dreams I’ve always had but never thought possible. My life has done a complete turnaround”

S.S., Lawyer and Business Consultant

Here’s What I Do

Firstly we’ll have an initial conversation to ensure there’s a match… We need total confidence and trust. If you’re not willing and open to discuss everything that needs to be covered, there’s no point in going any further.

Remember I said there’s nothing to buy on this page? Well, I’m sticking to that. I don’t work with everybody, only those I can help. And that’s why we have an “Expression of Interest” form. You need to complete the details, so we can organise the initial discussion to move forward.

Once we agree to work together, I’ll discuss the journey through your life that’s brought you to this point to:

  • Give you space just to clear the decks of your mind so that you don’t have to dump it on your loved ones
  • Identify repeating patterns in your life triggering behaviours that don’t work for you
  • Get to the bottom of what’s blocking you and your progress or causing you anxiety
  • Unearth what’s preventing you from moving forward in your life, from achieving your desires
  • Drill down to the CORE problem and help you to fix it
  • Reveal Warning Signals that raise the alarm for you when things start going wrong
  • Recognise those signals and outline an action plan for you to follow freeing you of any possibility of dependence on medication.
  • Develop a safe and strong strategy for you to move forward…So when I’m not around you’ll be able to pull yourself through
  • Remember our goal is to clear your mind and free it from past habits that no longer serve

“Before I met Ruby my life was a real mess…I didn’t know where I was going. With some really deep probing during a year of coaching I learned I could change my mind about things without worrying what others think.

I can stand up for myself, in domestic and business situations, which I found difficult before. As a result my life is so much richer, more abundant and far more meaningful than it was before.”

Patrick McDonnell – owner Solar Spot

How I Do This

Over many years of working with many hundreds of clients, I’ve developed a unique system for sorting out your crap. I help you cut through obstacles and barriers that evolved over time.

  • To get maximum value, you’ll be given some things to do on our own … You’ll take away exercises and tasks to complete
  • You’ll get a step-by-step plan to get you out of the hole you’ve been slipping into
  • I have an abundance of resources to assist you in overcoming your difficulties – depression, anxiety etc and feeling free

How Does It Work?

  • If you’re local, we can have face-to-face conversations.
  • With technology we can also do this equally effectively remotely, using Skype or Phone.

Case Study

From $10million to $30million in 6 months

One client owned a building company. He presented a deep-seated grief preventing him from taking care of his business and family. Everyone knew something was wrong.

He just wasn’t the same Father/Husband/Boss he’d been. Much joy and energy had gone out of his life. He was depressed over the loss of a loved one.

After some intensive coaching which also included re-structuring his belief system, he came alive once more.

Within 6 months his company had grown from turning over $10million to a turnover of $30million and then it steadily climbed to the $50million turnover mark.

Now his life feels, and is, abundant, loving and fulfilling.

Logistics – How long will it take?

That’s a case-by case answer. Each person is unique. We’ll know more after our initial conversation.

Clients with the most success have made a firm commitment to move forward. If you’ve been suffering for many years or even a lifetime, you could hardly expect a “quick fix”

I recommend you stick with the program for a minimum twelve months. Clients have seen dramatic changes within the first four weeks.

Rather like dieting, people can get rapid results early on, then sit back thinking everything’s fixed and quickly fall back into old patterns and habits. The absolute minimum to let you go on your own would be three months, more like six months.

Clients who follow that path often either go back to relying on medication, or come back to me for more help. That’s why I recommend a Twelve Month Commitment.

The Format

The goal is to get you results. It’s not to work with the meter running like a taxi driver.

We need to allow between 4 – 8 hours each month of conversations. You’re not left out to dry. I’ll be available between sessions, by phone, email etc.

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited phone calls

Here are The Outcomes

You’ll discover a pathway to eliminate stress and roller-coaster rides of being dependent on medicinal treatments and/or self-medication. (I understand that not everybody is ready for that. Many are content to live life at half-mast while secretly regretting or blaming themselves or others or defending their actions because of their hard life.)

You’ll be shown a simple way to overcome Mental Road Blocks, you’ll get a heap of clear techniques to restore your Business and Personal life, and Relationships with Loved ones.

There’s a stack of immeasurable benefits that vary from person to person. I’ve seen businesses recover, marraiges restored, families reconciled. Just to name a few.

Major benefits include:

  • Inner calm because you are able to Deal with Your emotions – tools to deal with these effectively
  • Quality of relationships improve
  • Off drugs/medication
  • Get Your life back
  • Income can improve
  • A promotion
  • Ability to relax
  • More fun

100% Money-Back Guarantee!!

With my long track record I’m so confident in getting you results, I don’t want to spoil it, so I’m offering you a 100% money back guarantee …

For me to make that commitment to you, I need you to make a commitment to me…

As long as you do everything I recommend, and you follow the steps that we outline … if for any reason you’re not happy, I will give you your money back!!

I can safely say this because I’ve never had to. Everyone has achieved fantastic outcomes and to my knowledge no one has walked away unhappy with their work with me!!

Your Investment

We’ll enter into an agreement for twelve months.

We need to allow between 4 – 8 hours each month of conversations. You’re not left out to dry. I’ll be available between sessions, by phone, email etc.

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited phone calls

Depending on the situation, your monthly investment will be discussed once we have decided to work together

Personality profile – normally $500 – it’s an Australian one

Come back for a tune-up once or twice a year after that

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What guarantees are there?None – Just like life – there are no guarantees. It all depends on how well you execute your homeplay and how much time and energy you are prepared to putting into making your life better to be in – a little bit like your job, your business or your career. It all depends on you
  2. What qualifications do you have?See my bio on this site
  3. How long will it take me?As I said earlier – it depends on you and your situation and a minimum of 12 months is recommended
  4. What have been your biggest successes?Having 2 beautiful, intelligent and insightful children, wonderful friends and relationships; founding the College for Actualising Human Potential; nationally accrediting the Cert.IV to the Advanced Diploma in Wholistic Wellness; assisting many people to live better lives as a result of their courage in seeking a guide for their journey
  5. How many other people do this kind of work?Lots of people do this kind of work and all of us are unique. We are each here to be of service to those who feel attracted to us and with whom we are a good match
  6. How can I tell if someone is good at this kind of coaching?Their length of experience and the degree of success that their clients experience are usually good gauges

Here’s What Others Have Said

One client is a part owner in a construction company. Since receiving coaching from me/Ruby their company has now grown to hundreds of millions of dollars turnover a year and has offices in 2 other states. There are also international contracts in place. Getting clear about what was blocking them in their personal lives is what has facilitated their part in this growth. More importantly their home life is now something that most people only dream of having.

One young woman has managed to come off the binge drinking that was ruining her life. She has learned to restructure her life in such a way that she can now be assured that one day she will run her own business in a field that she loves. It has taken a lot of courage and perseverance to reach this point.

She would like to remain anonymous but says she is happy for me to publish the following:

I was binge drinking and didn’t have any sense of purpose. My life was pretty meaningless. Then I started coaching with Ruby. Within a week I had already started to make major changes and I continue to do so. For example, I never had any money. Now I understand and appreciate the value of budgeting. I have so much more discipline in every area of my life. I have started studying something that will stand in me in good stead for the rest of my life. My life is so much better and it’s all because of Ruby’s coaching. It’s amazing what a difference doing the sessions and the homeplay we agree on, has made in my life.

Mary was finding that her relationship with her partner was totally messing up her part in the business. They were in business together but it was all going haywire. As we started the coaching, she quickly realised that their business was never going to work. She willing to do what it took to leave the relationship and now has a thriving business that she is really happy with. She said that just having the clarity gave her the power to confront the issues and deal with them in a mature fashion.

Having a drug problem can be a real drawback in running a successful business. When Mark first came to see me he was building a potentially brilliant brand, which has now won international awards. These awards have only come about because of the hard yards he has put in to rehabilitate himself through our coaching together. Beliefs and behaviours that had been holding him back dropped away. He no longer needed drugs to numb the pain of the past. He could think more clearly, plan more intelligently and interact with others, including his family, more easily.

Yet another client owns a small retail business. She would never have dreamt of owning her own business when I first met her. She was suffering from severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She had 2 young children and found it difficult to care for them properly.

After coaching her through many of the issues she was facing in her life, she was able to complete a Ph.D. (also something she never thought she would have been able to do) and establish a small business that supports her family really well. She is now able to cope with her fluctuations in mood without the aid of drugs. She is well organised and deals with her emotions in an intelligent fashion.

I am 55 years old, married with 4 grown-up children. I spent the early part of my professional life as a lawyer and then had nearly 30 years in various corporate and senior management roles. The last 7 years I have spent mentoring and advising people in their own businesses as well as being involved in a number of start-up businesses.

I have had what would be regarded as a successful business career and also a very good marriage and family life.
Yet somehow over the last 5 or so years I found myself wondering what it was all about and whether there was something more than just chasing the corporate dollar and lifestyle.

Somehow I felt that there was something holding me back that was stopping me from achieving my full potential and doing something really worthwhile with my life.

I then met Ruby and began working with her about 12 months ago. Ruby helped me understand what had really been going on in my life – I was able to recognise and deal with some fundamental underlying issues that, unknown to me, had been limiting my engagement with other people and with my career.

I have grown in confidence, which comes from a greater self-awareness, I have opened up to people and have dared to go out and try things where previously I had lacked the courage.

Ruby has helped me overcome my chronic procrastination and introversion, and has set me on a course that has dramatically improved my personal and business relationships. I am, simply put, a much happier person due to Ruby’s help and guidance.

Thank you Ruby for letting me know myself better and become a better husband, father and friend.

In Summary

As an executive coach I offer you the opportunity to:

  • Dump any tension or anxiety that you may be feeling about your business or your life
  • Serve as a sounding board to promote an increased sense of well being
  • Uncover patterns that no longer serve and clarify more empowering ways of doing things
  • See alternative solutions
  • Practise detachment
  • Live a life you want to be in
  • Determine the overall direction of the coaching

You are the leader and I am the guide :-)

This is not therapy or a health service. I do not diagnose or treat disorders. I assume that you want to make significant or minor changes in your life for the better; that you are seeking improvement in some area of your life – business or personal.

On the other hand many of my clients have experienced incredible life changes that have led them to increased insight, understanding and meaning in their lives. This difference cannot be measured in dollar terms or even in terms of time. My clients often experience transformation that is quite unexpected but exciting and welcome as their quality of life all round improves.

I look forward to working with you.

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