Do you ever feel Stressed, Anxious or as if you’re life is on a roller coaster?

Hi, my name is Ruby Johnson and I have been meditating for the last 25 years.

Read The Full Course Description

Read The Full Course Description

In that time I realise that I can tend to be a little over the top for some people; that I have strong points of view on many things but this doesn’t mean that I am not open to new ideas. On the contrary over the years I have become more and more thoughtful; more curious and more open than ever before and I believe that meditation has played a pivotal role in that happening.

Why Meditate?

You may be wondering, why meditate? What difference does it make? Yet everyone who spends a small portion of their day in silence and in an attempt to be with themselves I believe is contributing in some small way to making this a better world to live in.

The moment we decide to do something, anything, things begin to shift in that direction for us.

Child Meditating Dalai LamaSo what is the value of meditating daily? I guess it’s a bit like cleaning our teeth. It’s something that we do daily and would feel odd if we didn’t and pretty soon our teeth would start to build up plaque and protest by decaying etc. I view meditation as the cleaner of our mind and emotions. I think of it as taking the time to sweep or vacuum the house (of the mind).

Join us on this remarkable journey

You can join the course for the full year or for just 3 months – whatever you think or feel is right for you. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day you can gradually teach yourself to relax into life and become more accepting of yourself and others; and live a happier life all round.

For complete details of the course contents and to discover what others say about it you should view the Full Course Description and if you still have questions please browse through our Meditation Course FAQ

… I’ll catch you in meditation.


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book-covers My books can help you achieve emotional and mental well being, cope with the effects of addiction and offer re-empowerment after rape.

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