Reminder re De-Coding PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) 21st April16

Join us for this one-off event: ClickHere

Do you really understand you own cycle ? Does your partner even know you have a cycle?

Discover one simple thing that may put an end to PMS once and for all …

Find out what makes women tick like a time bomb that drives men insane …

And how to handle that …

Do you suffer with: Anxiety, stress, nervous tension, emotional trauma, irritability, depression, fatigue, reduced ability to concentrate, lowered self-esteem… the list goes on…

Do you ever feel frustrated that your partner doesn’t understand your rages?

Come and hear some funny (and not so funny) stories and learn what drove

one man to want to write a book to help others deal with this intense issue.

This month I have a special guest who will Skype in from Poland.

Looking forward to seeing you there



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