The Value in Anger and the upside of Apathy … Possible solutions …

To go on from where I left off last time it begs the question:

So what have the four horsemen got to do with Anger and Apathy?

What are you angry about? What makes your blood boil? If you are so-called “enlightened” then, we are told, you shouldn’t feel angry. So what was Jesus doing in the temple when he threw the merchants out? As you may or may not  be aware, there is clean anger and then there is dirty anger. When you are feeling anger, is it clean or dirty and how do you know?

I watch people who claim to be spiritual and yet many of them are apathetic. They have no fire in the belly. They lack energy. They have no enthusiasm. They seem barely alive.

And what does enthusiasm mean? It comes from the Greek and essentially means to be filled with God. So are you filled with God? And what would that look like, and sound like and feel like? How do you do  enthusiasm?

And how do you know if you are apathetic or not? I can assure you, if you watch hours of TV a day on average you are indeed apathetic. This is a sure sign. And there are other signs eg thinking repetitive thoughts, feeling responsible for other people’s results, thinking that you have to have the answer and so on….

Knowing ourselves is vital to coming out of the negative expressions of anger. Being willing to be conscious is also vital to leaving apathy behind. At least if you know you are angry and want to use it constructively, then you also know how much energy is tied up in that anger and that therefore you can direct it into a “right use”.

As Aristotle famously said: Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way – this is not easy.

Assistant Editor of the Financial Times, Gillian Tett says that the elite, who are the ones in power, do not control the means of production or money but the cognitive map i.e. the way we think. This is one of the reasons it is essential that we all learn HOW to think rather than WHAT to think. The media is designed to feed us what to think. Therefore if we fail to train ourselves in how to think we will be governed both consciously and unconsciously by the messages that the elite are wanting us to adopt so that they remain in power.

One of the reasons I started the College was to train people in HOW to think. I do not see many institutions teaching, or fostering this skill. It is usually not in their best interests even though for us to thrive as a society it is an essential ingredient. Even those making an attempt are thwarted by retrogressive forces that cannot think outside their own conditioning. This is not to blame them but to bring our awareness to how the situation is.

Just take a look at your family for a moment. How easy is it to have a conversation? Can you say what you think and not be ridiculed or howled down or rejected? Are you afraid to speak up for fear of offending a loved one? Can you speak your mind without fear of retribution? When things are not discussed; when things are pushed under the carpet; when things are omitted from conversations, that which is unsaid is what is controlling the system, the family, the organisation.

Internet is changing the way we think. It is influencing governments, religions, finances and daily life. How we each use it is influencing how the world is evolving.

What has been left unsaid in your life, in  your environment? The majority of what goes on in a family is left unaddressed yet to understand fully what is going on is essential for us to liberate ourselves from the unconsciousness that has held us in thrall for so long.

We just have to look at history to see both how destructive and how valuable anger is. In terms of apathy, the more conscious you are of your energy levels, the better gauge on how apathetic or otherwise you are and hopefully knowing this will stir you into taking action to reach up towards enthusiasm – not necessarily easy, but always worth the effort :)


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